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August 17, 2015
from Kitchen Table Software

Listed here are Frequently Asked Questions (and attempts to answer them).

How can I print out the User's Guide?

The User's Guide is made available to licensed users as a PDF file. The demo version has onscreen help only.

How do I insert or delete ends or picks?

Position the cursor in the threading or treadling where you want to start inserting or deleting threads, then press the Insert (+ for the Mac version) or Delete key (holding down for repeated affect).

Is there any way to scroll more than 4 spaces or so at a time?

Try adding ends or picks (as described in the previous question) to increase the size of your canvas.

I lost the Toolbar on the Mac version - how can I get it back?

Click on the small oval shaped button in the upper right corner of the window containing the draft. This button toggles the toolbar on or off.

How do you change the scale of the draft when printing from the Mac version?

To get to the pixeLoom specific print parameters, click on the disclosure triangle next to the printer name (as in screen shot below).

Can I maintain a palette of colors to work with for new drafts?

Absolutely. Once you have a palette filled in, select Color->Set Default Palette from the menu. Now all new drafts will have this palette of color swatches as a starting point. Remember, you can always import a palette from another WIF file with Color->Import->Color Palette.

How do I repeat a color pattern?

The paint bucket can be used to drop in a solid, alternating, or double alternating color. For other color schemes, use the paint brush or pencil tool to fill in one or two repeats in the colorbar. Now you can copy and paste in the colorbar in the same way as in the threading or treadling grids. Just use the selection tool to define the portion of the colorbar that you want to copy, then use either the stamp tool or the Copy and Paste functions from the Edit menu (shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) and a floating window will popup that you'll be able to place anywhere else in that colorbar.

If the draft has a weft with two blue picks followed by say four green picks, is it possible to switch colors so that the two blue picks are replaced by two green picks and the four green picks by four blue, without having to click on the individual picks with the paint brush? 

Yes, absolutely, that's exactly what the Color->Replace function is for. You'll need to replace them in a few steps, though. First replace the blue with some other color that's not already in the draft (even white or black). Then replace the green with the blue, and finally replace the temporary color with the green. If you haven’t used the Color->Replace function before, it may help to hit F1 in that window to read the help on how the color pickers work.

How do I draw in a motif or profile draft?

Use the fabric analysis mode, which is set from Drawdown->Fabric Analysis. When in this mode, the Pencil tool can be used to draw on the grid in the drawdown portion of the draft--the threading, treadling and tieup will be filled in accordingly. Be sure to turn off this mode by toggling the menu selection (note the check mark next to Drawdown->Fabric Analysis) when you're done.

Its usually a good idea to leave plenty of space around your design (to avoid having to insert threads and picks at the origin). Then when its complete, use the Selection tool (the box on the toolbar) in the drawdown window to crop the draft down to just the portion you want to keep.

Other questions?

Drop me an email ( sue @ ) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

When reporting problems, please include the following information:

  • is the problem reproducible? if so, how?
  • what version of Windows are you running (Windows XP, Vista, etc.)?
  • what version of pixeLoom are you running? (to see what version of pixeLoom you have, choose Help->About pixeLoom from the menu.)
  • you could check to see if a newer version is available from Help->Check for Updates on the menu
  • if a dialog box with an error message was displayed, please include the full text of the dialog box, including the text in the title bar.

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